Sponsor a Child or Project

Child Sponsorship

£15 per month will sponsor a child.  At the start of the sponsorship you will receive details of the child and his/her family together with a photograph.

What will the money be used for?

With no deductions, the majority of the money will go directly – to provide the sponsored child with school textbooks, notebooks etc – and buy clothes, shoes, food etc as appropriate and the remainder to help finance the Potato project and the Training for Employment projects (see below)

The family must agree that the child will attend school regularly and study hard, otherwise the sponsorship will pass to another child.

You will receive a letter twice a year from the sponsored child – who is always delighted to hear from their sponsor. Gifts and/or money may also be sent to celebrate the child’s birthday, or for Christmas.

How often will I hear from the child I sponsor?

You will normally have two messages a year from the child. You will also receive an annual project report. You may write or send a card to the child as often as you wish – the children love to hear from their sponsor. Sponsors of projects will receive an annual report.

Can I send presents?

If you would like to send a present, we recommend something light and small – and ideally things that can be shared with their friends – such as balloons or stickers. If you wish to donate something bigger ( at Christmas or for the child’s birthday for example) we suggest that you send a cheque to us and we will get Spaska in Bulgaria  to buys gift for the child (and the family if requested) for the amount specified. Prices are a lot lower in Bulgaria so your money buys more and carriage costs are avoided, it also helps the local economy.

How long will my sponsorship last?

We hope you will continue to sponsor the child as long as he/she stays at school. When a child leaves school we will be grateful if you would take on another boy or girl to sponsor.

Please email (martin@peniston-bird.co.uk) or phone (01883 652207) for an application form.

With many thanks from us and on behalf of the impoverished children in Rakitovo. Your sponsorship will make a REAL difference to their lives.