What We Do

We discussed possible ideas with the Mayor, and a local Consultant and from this ‘Project Potato‘ was launched.

We also make interest free loans to enable families to start small businesses. These have included hand-loomed rug production, a chicken farm, charcoal production, dried wild herbs, and a taxi for a nearby town.

We also purchased an old building to use as a training centre. There we ran English language classes, and training in sewing with electric sewing machines (which has enabled 60 ladies to get jobs in a clothes factory in the next town).

We re- opened a Medical Centre (the only one in Rakitovo) in 2005.

Currently we are concentrating on giving training to young adults so that they can gain employment and attack the cycle of poverty. These courses include a cookery school for cooks/chefs, a chambermaid course and one for waiters/waitresses/barmen.

However sponsors are badly needed to finance this. A sponsor of a child costs £15 a month, half of which goes to directly help the child, and half to finance the projects. Alternatively one can just sponsor the projects. We operate with no overheads. We travel to and in Bulgaria at our own expense. Thus all money raised can be used in Bulgaria.