Medical Centre

Building a healthier future

We were horrified to find, during a visit in October 2004, that the charity “EveryChild” had shut down the Medical Centre – the only one in Rakitovo, a town of 10,000 people.

Although our charity has very limited funds (two people can only do so much in fund-raising!) we decided that it was imperative that we got the Centre going again. Believe it or not it took over 6 months to achieve this!

There were many reasons for the delays. When “EveryChild” closed the Centre they removed all the vital medical equipment with intent to sell it. They agreed however (after many discussions and delays) to return it into the ownership of the Municipality provided we paid them £1,400 to cover their costs for closing the Centre. Then the Municipality had to take ownership of the building, that would be used as the Medical Centre, from the Electricity Company, who owned the building. Not only did this need numerous Council meetings but in Bulgaria all documents have to be signed in front of the local Notary and he went on holiday for 4 weeks. Many other documents had to be prepared and authorised by the courts and official bodies.

However at last we had the official opening by the Mayor on the 7th June 2005. We continued to finance the Centre for 4 years until a new hospital opened nearby. The Centre was run with 3 doctors – one specialising in Cardiactrics, one in Neurology and one in Internal Disorders, together with 2 nurses.

In 2009 a new Hospital started up in nearby Velingrad, and 3 GPs started in Rakitovo, thus there became no need for our Medical Centre to continue.