Qualifying for Employment

In Bulgaria it is almost impossible to get a job without an official qualification. Young adults from impoverished families do not have the funds to pay for training to gain such qualifications, and thus no chance of obtaining employment, and so the cycle of poverty continues.

To help break the cycle of poverty, we have organised and financed official courses. These include training as cooks and chefs, chambermaids, bar staff, waiters/waitresses, receptionists and masseurs. Each course for 10-12 participants lasts for 2-3 months and costs £2500.

These courses have proved to be very successful with all participants successfully achieving a full qualification. Subsequently some 90% of them have obtained employment. Finance permitting, we hope to continue with 4-5 such courses each year. The pictures below show students in the cookery course, waiter/waitress/barstaff course and massage course.